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November 2009

Today I am writing to you from Avignon, France where, until the 17th century, people danced “sous le pont”, never “sur le pont”, as the famous song has led us to believe. The weather is a delight so far. It is fall and like our area, the leaves are turning and the trees are shedding these beautiful adornments. Everyone is getting ready for the winter; from the winter truffles which will appear just before Christmas to the mooring of the river boat we are on. We are on the next to last voyage until March; when spring will awaken nature and this vessel will once again set sail. Meanwhile, stateside, we are getting ready for the opening of our Spanish and English as a Second Language Programs, which will be posted on our website towards the end of November. Be sure to check the site for details. We will have a series of free Mommy and Me classes posted as well. Feel free to register for a class and try us out! Also look for details on our 3rd Annual St. Nicolas Day Celebration