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February 2010

So, have you totally stopped writing 200 … every time you write the date, only to go back to change that second “0” to a “1”? And have you decided if you are going to say “20” “10” or “2,010”? We have completed one month of this new decade. What do you think: should we say “2010” or “2,010?” Let us know! February is a busy month here at The Language Learning Institute and we have a great line up of new courses and classes. Check out our Mommy and Me, Learn French Winter Camp, and After School Programs for Kids. We are in the process of expanding to another Colonie location, so be sure to keep checking throughout the month. We also offer a free Mommy and Me class on Monday evenings if you would like to try it out. On the adult side of language study: our Spanish classes for adults will be launched the last week in February and the first week in March. We are very excited about this since it has been in the planning for a very long time. Beginning Italian for adults is scheduled as well.