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Nancy Scarselletta is the Founder and Director of the Language Learning Institute, Nancy A. Scarselletta, is a New York State (NY) permanently certified teacher who has taught for over 20 years. Over the span of her career she has taught in both public and private school systems .Through Practice, research and development, Ms Scarselletta has developed a Method of Second Language Teaching  in which she trains her staff.

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IMG_0192Simone Wemple is an American born native Italian speaker who grew up speaking both Italian and English. Simone has spent most of her life in Italy, and recently moved back to the United States. Currently, Simone is completing her education at SUNY Albany working on her degree in Linguistics. She is trained in the Language Learning Institute Method of Second Language Teaching and is teaching Italian to both kids and adults.



Ma FinalMeng Ma was born and educated in China. She holds a BA in Japanese from Shanghai University of International Studies and is currently completing a MA in Business Administration at The College of St Rose in Albany, NY. Ms Ma comes to The Language Learning Institute as a Mandarin Chinese Teacher and a Marketing/Business Administration Intern. Ms Ma taught Chinese in Japan and was instrumental in bringing together Japanese and Chinese businessmen to form a productive business alliance. Trained in The Language Learning Institute Method of Second Language Teaching, Ms Ma will be teaching Mandarin Chinese to children and adults.

Sarah StraightSarah Straight holds BA degrees in Spanish and Linguistics. She has lived and studied in Spain and is passionate about language learning. Trained in The Language Learning Institute Method of Second Language Teaching, Sarah is currently teaching Spanish to children and adults.Sarah also does graphic design and administrative work for the school.






Eleonora Morrell is first generation American born and grew up in an Italian speaking home.She studied Italian in high school and at SUNY Binghamton, where she completed A BA in Italian Literature and Language. Trained in The Language Learning Institute Method of Second Language Teaching, Ms Morrell has taught Italian to children and adtuls and currently works as a substitute Italian teacher. Ms Morrell designs The Language Learning Institute’s flyers and advertisements in which she captures the essence of the school.

 Liu croppedFanglei Liu was born and educated in China. She holds a BS in Economy from the Harbin Institute of Technology in Harbin, China and a Teaching Certificate from Changchun University in Changehun, China. Fanglei is an expert calligrapher. Before coming to The Language Learning Institute, Ms Liu taught Chinese to adults at the University level in China and at the Purdue University International Center in Indiana. Additionally, she taught Chinese to children.Trained in The Language Learning Institute Methodology of Language Teaching, Fanglei is teaching Chinese online both domestically and internationally.