April 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Language Learning Institute! And welcome to all of our new readers! We are pleased to announce the opening of our new location in New Paltz, New York. We will be conducting our classes in Christ the King Episcopal Church on Eugene Brown Drive in New Paltz. On April 24th we are offering a 4-hour seminar for beginners in French, and at the end of April/beginning of May we will offer an Immersion Film Weekend in French. Shortly thereafter we will be offering our regular class schedule in French and in Russian. Keep watching the website for details and registration information. Christ the King Episcopal Church is a brand new building for this congregation and we are excited to be offering our classes there. If you are in the New Paltz area, feel free to contact us at (845) 476-1900. With our fourth year upon us we are adding Spanish, Welsh and English as a Second Language in our Capital District locations in addition to our expansion into the New Paltz area. Sign up today for Beginning Spanish in our Colonie location! This course will begin on April 19th. If you have studied Spanish but your speaking is weak, this is the course for you.

March 2010

The month of March will bring the start of Spanish at The Language Learning Institute, and we are very excited to add this language to our offerings. We are starting with Beginning Spanish on March 8th, and are currently taking registrations. If you have experience with the language, don’t hesitate to call us, as we will be forming more advanced courses. We will also for the first time be offering our After School Program in French to Delmar in March. Our After School Beginning French class will be offered on Wednesdays from 4:00-5:00pm at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church. We are very excited to be offering this to the families of the surrounding area and beyond. Check out our website for more information and to register your child today! March 26th and 27th will be our French Immersion Film Weekend in French. Our immersion weekends are film based and have been very well received. We will be showing the film Ridicule. There will be lots of opportunity for speaking and discussion of the film…en français of course!

February 2010

So, have you totally stopped writing 200 … every time you write the date, only to go back to change that second “0” to a “1”? And have you decided if you are going to say “20” “10” or “2,010”? We have completed one month of this new decade. What do you think: should we say “2010” or “2,010?” Let us know! February is a busy month here at The Language Learning Institute and we have a great line up of new courses and classes. Check out our Mommy and Me, Learn French Winter Camp, and After School Programs for Kids. We are in the process of expanding to another Colonie location, so be sure to keep checking throughout the month. We also offer a free Mommy and Me class on Monday evenings if you would like to try it out. On the adult side of language study: our Spanish classes for adults will be launched the last week in February and the first week in March. We are very excited about this since it has been in the planning for a very long time. Beginning Italian for adults is scheduled as well.

January 2010

Happy New Year! May the best of health and happiness come your way in 2010! We have been working on our January course offerings and have a nice line up in January for adults and for children as well. We are continuing to offer our free Mommy and Me classes for all to try. If you, a friend, or a loved one has children 4 years of age and younger, we encourage them to try this program. Studies have shown that the benefits of early language exposure are many and set the child up for success on many levels.