Reading Pinyin and Perfecting Tones

For Whom This Course Is Offered
This course is for those who want to effectively read Pinyin and need to perfect their tones and general pronunciation of the Chinese language. This Mandarin Chinese class is ideal for those who wish to understand and be understood by the native Chinese speaker.

Current Schedule
Start Date: Not Scheduled

Duration: 5 weeks -1 hour classes

Additional Information
Register for this language course on-line or call 518-346-7096 to register by phone.

This class is comprised of 2 5-week sessions.

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Course Description
This Mandarin Language Course builds the foundation for effective reading of Pinyin. Initials, Finals, and the Four Tones are practiced and drilled in isolation and in context. This language course will help with listening comprehension. Learn to converse with a Mandarin Chinese speaker.

Learn to Speak Mandarin Chinese!

In this class, you will study and practice the four tones as well as the various consonant and vowel combinations. The purpose of this course is to improve the student's comprehension of the native speaker in addition to improving the pronunciation of the Chinese language learner so that they can be understood by the native Chinese speaker.

Course Fee: $220
Material Fee: $40

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