Mommy and Me

For Whom This Course Is Offered
This course is for children 2 months to 4/5 years of age and their parents and/or caregivers. This 40 minute Spanish Class is ideal for parents who want to expose their children to a language other than English at an early age. This class in Spanish is for parents and their little ones with language levels of little or no background up to fluency in the Spanish language.

Current Schedule
Start Date: Not Scheduled

Duration: 4 weeks

Additional Information
This fee is for one adult and one child.

Each additional adult and/or child per family is twenty dollars per child/adult

You can register for this language course by calling us at 518-346-7096.

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Course Description
This Spanish Language Course allows you to spend quality time with your child as s/he participates in this fun-filled class of movement and song. See for yourself the ease with which your child learns Spanish alongside English.

Learn to Speak Spanish!

Rest assured that the benefits of learning a second language at an early age will be an asset to your child over the course of her/his life. The Spanish Language is learned through flashcards, games, songs and stories. Learn with your child!

Course Fee: $95
Material Fee: Included

Please review our Refund Policy and additional registration information.