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Our mission is to take you on a language-learning journey that supports and encourages your intellectual development and cultural sensitivity along the way.  We believe that language learning is a partnership between teacher and student. We emphasize spoken language and listening comprehension, using these to enhance reading and writing.  At The Language Learning Institute, language is learned naturally, as when you were a child,  and does not require traditional memorization of vocabulary and rules. Rather than simply learning words, full-sentence communication is emphasized and encouraged at every level.

Here at The Language Learning Institute, we are dedicated to being a guide for those who choose to BE THE EXCEPTION. For individuals who are committed to growing more, impacting more, and pursuing excellence in everything they do, we exist for you. We support those who step up, go beyond, and strive to be better every day.  We are here for those who answer the call to become all they can be with the talents and opportunities they have been given. If you choose to BE THE EXCEPTION, The Language Learning Institute is here for YOU.

The Language Learning Institute is a successful language school offering virtual classes and private lessons around the world.  We offer courses in French, Spanish, and English for Effective Communication, at all skill levels from absolute beginner to fluency.  We have programs for every age, and have had successful learners from age 1 to 91!

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“The unique teaching method helped me to build vocabulary and grammar and to continue studying on my own. I speak French every day even if only a few minutes and to myself. I especially like the intensive oral approach. I have been able to get my message across when visiting French-speaking countries.”

— Bea A.

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