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History of the School

The Language Learning Institute

A successful language school in AlbanyLatham and Saratoga Springs, New York, came into existence in January 2005 as the Learn French Language Institute.

How The Language Learning Institute Began

After having spent over 25 years as a French teacher in both private and public education, Ms. Scarselletta decided to put her education and experience together to bring her skills and experience to a different audience.

By the end of 2005, the school had the beginning levels of its offerings, its methodology, and its template for curriculum set in place for the adult language program, language courses, and language classes. At this, the school was renamed to “The Language Learning Institute” which represented more accurately the continual nature of the learning and study of any language and of our mission. The nature of the name, The Language Learning Institute, was no longer limited us  to French courses and classes. After months of research and planning, “The Language Learning Institute, LLC” became a company in April of 2006.

The Language Learning Institute Today

Today we offer classes and private lessons for adults and children in French, Italian, Russian, Mandarin Chinese and Spanish.

Our specialized 5 week courses in pronunciation are amongst the most popular, our intermediate conversation courses in French are our newest.

We are branching out in collaborative efforts to work with schools and civic organizations to bring our unique children’s programs to a more convenient setting for parents. These efforts have enhanced opportunities for language learning to k through 5th graders in both Saratoga Springs and Shenedehowa Central School Systems. Contact us for information about how we can bring our programs into your schools.

Our Summer Camp programs are being offered in three locations this year: Herbert Drive, Ciccotti  Recreational Center, and the Saratoga Independent School. Contact us for registration information.

Our Learn A Language and Travel Programs have been in existence for 6 years. This year we go to Italy. This trip marks the first Language Learning Institute Exclusive Trip. Our small group of 13 travelers will enjoy the beautiful surroundings of San Gemini in Umbria, near the border of Tsucany. This program affords the non-language learner as well as the language learner and speaker opportunities for fun and discovery.

We welcome you to our site. Come in, browse our language classes and language courses in our two major locations: Albany, New YorkLatham, New York and our new Saratoga location in Saratoga Springs, New York. You cannot easily get to one of these locations? Join us from the comfort of your home or workplace with on of our on-line classes!