Our History


The founder of the School, Nancy Scarselletta, spent 30 years as a French teacher in private and public education, after which she decided to bring her skills and proven teaching method to a broader audience than could be addressed through a traditional classroom setting. To that end, she formed the Learn French Language Institute in January 2005.

By the end of 2005, she had established the school’s first programs, its teaching methodology and curriculum for adult learners, as well as an expanding vision for what it could accomplish; namely the continual nature of learning any language

After months of research and planning, in 2006 the school was reborn as “The Language Learning Institute LLC”, to more accurately represent that vision. No longer limited to offering French alone, teachers were quickly hired and programs developed in other languages and for other life stages, including our popular “Mommy and Me” series.

The next major transition for the school occurred in 2020 when we were forced to shut down our physical space and switch to 100% virtual instruction due to the covid-19 pandemic. Remote instruction proved so successful, as covid restrictions relaxed, we decided to continue exclusively with virtual classes as well as private lessons. In 2020, we added the development of self-study Spanish and French to our offerings.

Today, we offer virtual classes and self-study programs worldwide.

We welcome you to our site. Come in and browse our language programs to find the one that meets your needs.

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What Our Students Are Saying

“Nancy is an outstanding teacher, I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with her!”

— Dawn Tonneau

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