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What do our students say about their experience?

● This is my first experience with The Language Learning Institute. I have always wanted to learn to speak the Italian language. My grandparents on both sides are from Italy and I wish that my parents spoke the language to us but they wanted to make sure English was spoken all the time. I have only good things to say about the Institute. The instructors are all very knowledgeable in the Italian language and of the country. As a beginner, they make me feel very comfortable learning this beautiful language. I have enjoyed all of my classes and look forward to future classes with the Institute. -Joanne M. Wagner (Schenectady, NY)

● The Language Learning Institute is the only venue which teaches more than just conversational Italian, other than enrolling in a college course. I had tried a few Italian language classes from other continuing education places but it was always the same: the class was dominated by those planning a trip to Italy and wanting to have travel vocabulary and phrases under their belts.
The Language Learning Institute teaches Italian as a true language-you learn by listening to Italian, speaking it, reading it and writing it. We have a text book and a workbook, and are tackling all the basics of a language-alphabet, grammar, idioms, the way the Italians think. The
price is reasonable, the pace is great for working people, and the staff is extremely knowledgeable. -Katherine Better (Loudonville, NY)

● The Language Learning Institute helped me to develop functional conversation skills in French. Despite many years of the language in school, I felt at a loss in being able to communicate effectively. I know I will be more confident as well as better prepared on my next trip to France. -Betsey Kuzia (Albany, N.Y)

● Just got tested by Latvia’s French Cultural Ctr., where I plan to take 60 hrs of French in 3 weeks in January; could not pass up the quality and/or the price. I got credit for a semester’s worth of class work from our classes this past year and shall get a certificate of accomplishment after the intensive course here. This, to let you know that your work in the States is appreciated. -Maija Collins (Delmar, N.Y.)

● We moved to Niskayuna from California in 2006 where my son was enrolled in French 1.2 with no previous experience in French. Nancy tutored him weekly and he excelled. By the end of the year he had an “A” and won a regional merit award. Ronny just completed his 5th year of French and will be attending Northeastern University in the fall.
-Linda Brezinski (Niskayuna, N.Y.)

Are your studies getting caught in the University budget cuts? Are you looking for a place to continue and enhance your studies? We, at The Language Learning Institute, had the opportunity to create a university level program to help a doctorate level student prepare for an foreign language exam needed to fulfill a degree requirement. Here is what she says about her experience:

To Whom It May Concern:
I am a PhD student in the Department of History at the University at Albany and in spring 2011, I completed an Intensive French Reading course at the Language Learning Institute. To meet the research tool requirement for my degree, I was required to pass a two hour written examination demonstrating my ability to translate a 500 word article from French to English. Students are given two opportunities to pass the examination and I am pleased to say that thanks to the wonderful work of Nancy Scarselletta and the Language Learning Institute, I passed on the first try.

I had exhausted all resources to learn French, including taking two semesters of beginning French at a local community college and traveling over a hundred miles away for an intensive French weekend course but I still had a long way to go to ever hope to pass the translation exam. Fortunately, I found the Language Learning Institute through my local school district’s Community Education Program and took their ten week beginning French course which concentrated on speaking and listening comprehension skills. This was my introduction to Nancy and the LLI.

Nancy took the initiative to create the Intensive French Reading course following a conversation we had a little over a year ago. I knew that I needed a very targeted and intensive course in order to pass the translation exam. Nancy designed the course from scratch, developing a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum with excellent translation practices given for homework. She narrowed down the essential verb tenses and provided very good handouts to have as reference tools when completing the homework. The two workbooks that we used, one directly fromFrance and entirely in French were also quite helpful. This was an intensive course and I worked very hard to complete all of the assignments but the hard work was worth it many times over. I was amazed and pleased at the rapid progress I made in reading French over the course of one spring semester. And I was thoroughly delighted when I passed the University’s examination on the first try.

I highly recommend the Language Learning Institute for anyone seeking to learn another language. The quality of their courses is excellent.


June Mastan