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Beginning French Language Course

For Whom This Course Is Offered

Our program of Beginning French Classes consists of four different levels to help meet your needs.View the French class descriptions for details.

If you are not sure which level is right for you, contact us! We are here to help.

Current Schedule
This course has different levels

Duration:4 Levels – 45 Weeks

Additional Information
You can register for any language course on-line or call us 518-346-7096 to register by phone.

If you need assistance choosing an appropriate level, contact us. We are here to help.

Registration for any of our established classes in ongoing.

The book purchased for the French Language Classes will be used for all levels of Beginning French and Continuing Beginning French.

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Course Description
Our integrated approach to teaching the Beginning French Language Classes will allow you to produce and understand basic speech, as well as read and write at the elementary level. We place the emphasis of the French Program on speaking and comprehension; reading and writing for reinforcement.

Learn to Speak French!

In the beginning, you will find yourself understanding more French than you know how to produce. This is a normal phenomenon that occurs whenever one begins to learn a foreign language. Please do not stop speaking if you make a mistake! We encourage you to speak so that we can learn where your areas of difficulty are and can serve you better. Be patient with yourself. If you keep working through our program, you’ll become proficient soon enough and on your way to fluency.

We invite you to read the French Language Course descriptions to determine which level is right for you or simply contact us for help determining the French Class that is best suited for you.

If we do not currently offer a group French Language Class right for you, consider a Private French Course. In this French Program, lessons are scheduled at a mutually convenient time for the teacher and student so that the student can progress and reach their language learning goals.

Course Fee: TBA
Material Fee: 155 + tax

Please review our Refund Policy and additional registration information.