Argentinean Dinner and Cultural Event

 Our Monthly Dinner Series Invites You to Explore Some of the Culinary Delights of Argentina!Dining Room Anouk



Join us for a unique dining experience on Friday, February 6th!

10 Ferry Drive, Rexford

The Language Learning Institute is giving you the opportunity to explore authentic, ethnic dishes from Argentina, while learning about the culture and meeting new people.

You will share a traditional Argentinean meal with other adventurous eaters in a beautiful, historic setting in Rexford.

RogersDuring your meal, Miriam, a Spanish teacher at The Language Learning Institute, will guide you through the courses and share her knowledge of Argentinean and South American culture.

Your meal will feature: empanadas mendocinas, matambre con chimichurri, puré de papas, ambrosia, mate, y café con leche


Booneman 1Your food will be cooked by a Culinary Institute- trained chef and one of our French Teachers, Anouk Booneman. This is a “bring your own bottle of wine” event. Explore Argentina even further by bringing a wine of your choice from Argentina! It is said that the Argentinean and Chilean wines are the best in South America.


For more information:Argentina

Call: (518) 346-7096


Tickets are $60 and can be purchased here


What Our Students Are Saying

“Nancy is an outstanding teacher, I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with her!”

— Dawn Tonneau

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