Change Your Life in FIVE Weeks: How Learning A Language Changes Your Life

Change Life

Learning a language can change your life for the better in many incredible ways. The Language Learning Institute has designed highly effective five week courses that incrementally allow you to experience the following top four reasons:

1) You Will Gain More Self-Confidence

The positive feedback you will get from others who encourage you as you learn a new language gives you willpower and confidence. This confidence will help push you through life’s other challenges.

2) You Will Protect and Improve Your Mental Health

Studies have shown that learning a second language has many cognitive benefits, including staving off dementia. As you start to think in your new language rather than translating in your mind, your brain develops new mental pathways which prevents deterioration in the brain. As a matter of fact, when you think you’ve reached a point in your language learning where it’s becoming more difficult, that’s actually the point at which your brain is becoming healthier and you’re on the verge of fluency – so don’t quit! The powerful mental workout you means your brain cells are being well-trained and you will actually become smarter and better at learning anything.

3) You become open-minded, tolerant and better at making decisions

A study at the University of Chicago revealed that there is a link between speaking a foreign language and the ability to make wiser financial choices. The study found that when people speak in a language other than their native tongue, it helped eliminate the tendency to avert loss; which helps us make choices that could profit us further down the road. That’s part of the reason why people who speak a second language have higher self-confidence – they reassess matters in the other language before they take a decision. Additionally, when you begin expressing ideas in the language you’re learning and you can’t seem to find an equivalent way to express yourself in your own native language, you’ve actually crossed that threshold of becoming truly fluent and have actually begun to think in a more diverse way. This gives you greater cognitive ability when facing unexpected problems and resolving conflicts.

4) You Will Become More Flexible as Your Travel Experiences Deepen

When we learn a language, we meet new people, experience new cultures and therefore our personality evolves. Knowing other languages ​​allows us to have deeper travel travel experiences as we relate to different people and environments. This motivates us to be more flexible and tolerant.

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What Our Students Are Saying

“My daughter has been receiving private French lessons at the Language Learning Institute for about a year. Under the tutelage of director, Nancy Scarselletta, her listening, speaking, and writing skills have flourished and her confidence has grown immensely.”

— Michele Marie

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