France to Reopen Cultural Venues, Vaccinated Tourists Allowed in June

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There is life after COVID – the days of savoring a flaky, buttery croissant at a sidewalk café in Paris are not far off!

France will reopen cultural venues and relax outdoor dining restrictions on May 19th, and vaccinated tourists can enter the country again on June 9th.

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Exciting news for folks with France on their travel bucket list! Can it possibly get more exciting? The answer is yes – if you learn French before you go.

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Learning the language of your foreign destination before you travel greatly deepens your experience and makes it much more fun! (But don’t take it from us, read this article and take it right from a seasoned traveler’s mouth.)

Aside from travel, another great reason to learn French is for business. (After all, who couldn’t use as much of an advantage as possible when it comes to making money?) Did you know that French is the second most useful language in the world for business? Forbes reports it as the language of the future based on a study by Natixis investment bank projecting French to be the “most-spoken language in the world” by 2050. (See this article.) Still not convinced? The Economist states French is the most useful language to learn for business. (See this article.)

Whether you’d like to learn French for travel or business, we’ve got you covered when you’re ready to chart a successful language learning journey.

What Our Students Are Saying

“I wanted to thank you for these classes. When you told Jennifer and I we were your first post-COVID students, I wanted to tell you that these classes have been a source of great joy and comfort for me in a really weird hard time and I am so grateful for you and them. It has given me something really interesting and fun to focus on and divert any feelings of life uncertainty as it takes real focus and work. But it is also super fun too and a life goal to learn another language.”

— Tara

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