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Inside Project Pinta: Phase 3

Now that we have learned about phase one (read about it here) and phase two (read about it here) of Project Pinta, it is time to delve into the third and final phase. The third phase has yet to be completed. It is scheduled for 2020. In this phase of Project Pinta, the reproductive Pinta tortoises that have been crossbred to maximize Pinta DNA will possibly be released onto Pinta Island. However, due to the complicated nature of this project, there is a chance that the tortoises released will be from another Galapagos tortoise species. Either way, after the third phase of this complete, Pinta Island will begin to be repopulated and restored! To learn more about phase three of Project Pinta, check out this link:

What Our Students Are Saying

“Planning a visit to Quebec province, I decided to attend a set of adult evening classes given by Nancy Scarselletta at a local high school. Her enthusiasm for, and knowledge of, the French language prompted me to sign up for further individual lessons. Over the last two years, I have come to appreciate Nancy’s vast experience –and infinite patience! — in teaching French with her unique emphasis on phonetics which she studied at the Sorbonne. In my opinion, French is not an easy language for English speakers given its unusual rules with multiple exceptions, potential liaisons, numerous irregular verbs, unfamiliar phonics, and plentiful idioms. I’ve appreciated Nancy’s approach and guidance throughout the course. And it’s been fun.”

— Richard Harlow

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