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While they sometimes get a bad reputation, the great white shark is an extremely beautiful animal that is beloved by many. However, the future of these incredible creatures is in jeopardy. In South Africa, it is believed that the great white is on its way to extinction as the population estimates were drastically off. It is now estimated that there are around 350-520 sharks in the South African coastal area which is around half the size that researchers thought the population would be. Human interference; including shark nets used to protect swimmers, persons killing for sport or pollution is to blame for how endangered these animals are. To learn more about the threatened species, check out this article:

What Our Students Are Saying

“Planning a visit to Quebec province, I decided to attend a set of adult evening classes given by Nancy Scarselletta at a local high school. Her enthusiasm for, and knowledge of, the French language prompted me to sign up for further individual lessons. Over the last two years, I have come to appreciate Nancy’s vast experience –and infinite patience! — in teaching French with her unique emphasis on phonetics which she studied at the Sorbonne. In my opinion, French is not an easy language for English speakers given its unusual rules with multiple exceptions, potential liaisons, numerous irregular verbs, unfamiliar phonics, and plentiful idioms. I’ve appreciated Nancy’s approach and guidance throughout the course. And it’s been fun.”

— Richard Harlow

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