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Project Pinta Phase one:


After Lonesome George, who was thought to be the final Pinta Tortoise, passed away, the species was considered extinct. However, miraculously, there were tortoises discovered on a nearby island that had some Pinta DNA. Thus, Project Pinta, or The Giant Tortoise Restoration Initative was born. The goal of this project is to use selective mating to increase the percent of Pinta DNA in the population, and eventually restore a population of fertile mostly Pinta Tortoises to the island. The first phase of Project Pinta is complete. In 2010, 39 adult tortoises were released onto Pinta Island. These tortoises were sterilized so that the population would be controlled. These tortoises were released to maintain the habitat and vegetation on the island until it is time to release the fertile tortoises on the island.


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Be sure to read next week to find out what happens in phase two!

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