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¡ Bienvenido! Welcome to Gaviotas, Colombia!

With the help of South American scientists and engineers, the people of Gaviotas,Columbia have spent 40 years working hard to create a sustainable, functional society. When they began, they were cut off from the world, the area was barren, and the society was complicated by political unrest. It was for these reasons that they wanted to create a sustainable society that didn’t rely on the rest of the world. They began to plant trees, restore the land and use solar and wind power. They offered free housing for families, free schooling, and free community meals. Overall, they did such a wonderful job in rebuilding their society that the town of Gaviotas has been called a model community by the United Nations.  Their reforestation project was one of the most successful in the world. Increased forestation has boosted their economy and restored their natural climate. To read more about the incredible story of Gaviotas, Columbia visit them online at: Pictured here is an old hospital that has been converted into a sustainable water bottling factory.




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