Making the Most of the New Normal – A Letter From the Director

Global Community

As we put a close on 2020 and enter 2021, I would like to take the time to reflect on this unprecedented year that has challenged all of us in so many ways. In addition, I would like to express extreme gratitude to all of you – for without you, we would not exist and be able to achieve our mission.

The one thing that this year has taught me is to remain focused on what is in front of me: change what I can and take advantage of EVERY opportunity no matter how impossible it seems. We never know what an outcome will be – we can only show up every day and do our very best.

Much of our materials for teachers and students are completely digital and functioning. We still have work to do – but far less than when we started. Our students took a leap of faith with us when we went completely online, and their confidence grew with all of the success they experienced in their language learning journey with us. Personalities came through, relationships grew amongst them and my joy in teaching was a reprieve from the stress of all the loss this pandemic was causing. In the end, we humanized technology. From the safety of our homes (and home offices) we connected. We touched each other’s hearts, quieted isolation anxiety, and connected with the world.

Our Language Tables had participants from the capital region, New Jersey, Turkey, Greece, Canada, and Ohio. We are very excited to see who will join us and from where in 2021!

Our Mommy and Me program brought together families from Worcester, Massachusetts, and Buffalo New York.  And we had an inquiry from California!  Our other Language Classes brought together students from different counties and states, and we have just updated our website to facilitate the continued expansion of our reach.

Our hearts are with you in gratitude and sympathy. We are very aware that many of you have been touched personally by COVID resulting in the loss or near loss of loved ones. There are no words that can soothe the loss. As in any loss of a loved one, we can continue to honor their life by living the best version of our life.

As the Pandemic continues to rear its head, please stay safe: social distancing, mask wearing, and hand washing work together as a team: just doing one or picking and choosing can compromise someone.

As we enter 2021, we look forward to our continued service to the greater population. We invite you to lower your isolation anxiety and expand your world through language learning with us.

Be well and Stay Safe.

Best regards,

Nancy Scarselletta

What Our Students Are Saying

“Very accommodating with class time. Have been a French and Spanish student with Learning Language Institute.”

— Elizabeth Mei Wong

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