Miscellaneous Thursday

I walk along a road in Sacromonte, a district of Granada, Spain. It’s set on a hillside so steep, that on some occasions, the rooftops of a parallel street are level with the road. We stop by a little cafe. As we take our seats, I gaze upon the Alhambra, a Moorish fortress on an adjacent hillside that towers with ever imposing might over the bustling center of town below. Our server enthusiastically invites us to taste tapas or traditional Spanish appetizers.
After a hearty meal, we enter a “cueva”, a bar inside a cave where Flamenco performances are held. The melody of the classical guitar consumes us in this small intimate space. As a vocalist starts to sing in a raspy voice  as a dancer begins to tap rapid precise rhythms all the while playing her castanets, making dramatic motions with her arms. We’re close enough to see the passion in the dancers eyes as we clap to the beat.
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What Our Students Are Saying

“My daughter has been receiving private French lessons at the Language Learning Institute for about a year. Under the tutelage of director, Nancy Scarselletta, her listening, speaking, and writing skills have flourished and her confidence has grown immensely.”

— Michele Marie

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