Myth Debunked: Learn A Second Language at Any Age

You may have heard someone make the statement that it’s not easy for an adult to learn a second language. Although it’s true that children seem to have a propensity for language learning based, the fact is that they simply learn differently. The results of an MIT study revealed that many adult language learners past the age of 20 have successfully reached native speaking level. So, an adult can also learn a new language and excel at it by simply employing a number of different systemic techniques.

In fact, the top 25% of adult learners in the MIT study reached native speaking level just as well as those who started before the age of 10. A child’s language learning technique is instinctive, more organic, and likely due to more exposure time to the language they are learning. However, an adult’s learning technique is more systemic. Also, older learners are very capable of the same rate of learning if they have the same amount of time and opportunities for exposure. The key is to just start as soon as possible – no matter where you are in life!

Explore the Language Learning Institute’s options for live, online classes for children and adults of all ages – we have a class to fit your schedule, as well as opportunities for immersive natural language conversation practice.

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“Excellent in working with my girls. A fun experience for the kids while learning a new language.”

— Christianne C.

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