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Celebrating Easter This Month

On the 21st of April, Christians everywhere will celebrate Easter. A holiday that is so widely popular, and with a rich history, has the power to bring together people from around the world with their different cultures and traditions. Due to the inherent link between language and culture, we at the Language Learning Institute have…
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What can learning a new language do for you?

Learning a new language can be hard. No one could deny that. The moments of frustration are not hard to come by. You may find yourself ready to give up more often than you’d like to admit. And yet, there is always a silver lining. Why should you not abandon your studies? Or rather, why…
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Bizarre Expressions in Different Languages

Have you ever started learning a new language only to be surprised that many common expressions in your first language do not exist in this other language? On top of that, did you learn any expressions in your new language that would make no sense in your native tongue? If you know this feeling well,…
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Life in France vs. Life in the US

If you’re studying a foreign language, there’s a good chance that you’re interested in learning about different cultures. As far as Western cultures go, we share many similarities. After all, the world in the 21st century is smaller than ever: everyone is connected by the internet, and globalization has made it so that we share…
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Does learning a language affect our perception of reality?

What is it that draws you to learn a new language? Is it a love of French food that has led you to study French? An interest in visiting the Great Wall of China that has you learning Mandarin? Or perhaps a desire to move to the southern hemisphere in search of some sunshine that…
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A religious holiday, a celebration of crêpes, or a day for a groundhog?

This Saturday, February 2nd, will be a day to celebrate many things: Jesus, light, crêpes, springtime, and meteorologist-rodents! Originally an ancient pagan holiday, La Chandeleur or Candlemas has long been a Christian feast day, which falls annually on February 2nd. Candlemas is a celebration of Jesus Christ, falling during the 40th day of the Christmas…
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July Holidays Around the World

It doesn’t have to be “Christmas in July” to celebrate some major world holidays in the summertime! Despite the summer heat, July is a time for many holidays in different cultures and countries. Here in the U.S., our biggest summer holiday is the 4th of July, but take a look at this list of other…
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Too early to celebrate the end of winter? Not in India!

Did you know that in India, mid-January is a time to celebrate the beginning of the end of winter? The days are getting longer, due to the reversal of the sun’s movement, and this is celebrated with the Pongal and Sankranti festivals in India. In fact, across the Indian subcontinent, various festivals take place around…
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Happy New Year from around the world!

In how many languages do YOU know how to say “Happy New Year”? It’s the start of a new year, which means an abundance of new opportunities to better yourself and the world around you. Why not start by learning a new language? As you probably already know, learning a new language has countless benefits…
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