Reasons to Learn French When Visiting Canada

Now that Canada has opened its borders for post-COVID travel, you may be wondering if it’s worth it to learn French before you visit. After all, most provinces have an English-speaking majority.

The answer is YES – it will definitely enhance your travel or moving plans! Here are our top three reasons why:

  1. Learning French will help you communicate and integrate with the local community. As a result, more doors will open for you socially and professionally, which will allow you to fully embrace the beautiful multiculturalism of Canada.
  2. Knowing French will give you the freedom and confidence to travel and work all over Canada without hesitation, including the more heavily French-speaking parts like Quebec, Manitoba and Ontario.  You will be equipped to handle day-to-day language barriers, regardless of the province you are in.
  3. If you love Canada enough to stay and search for employment (we wouldn’t be surprised), the government pays employees who speak both French and English a bilingualism bonus – an $800 stipend. In addition, bilinguals are generally paid 5 – 20% more than their counterparts.

The best time to start learning a new language is always NOW! September classes will have you ready in time for a fall foliage trip – sign up today!

What Our Students Are Saying

“Excellent in working with my girls. A fun experience for the kids while learning a new language.”

— Christianne C.

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