A Tribute to Nelson Mandela

As we pass the one-month anniversary of the death of Nelson Mandela–one of the world’s greatest leaders–and proceed into the new year, the Language Learning Institute invites you to join us in a reflection on the good, and bad, of 2013. As proven by Mandela himself, it’s never too late to move towards greatness. Pushing past fear, uncertainty, and the personal boundaries we create to keep ourselves comfortable can be frightening and unsettling. This fear, if allowed, freezes us and prevents us from attaining something much greater. The following article, posted by CNN, is a humbling tribute to the great Nelson Mandela. Let his life inspire us to follow in the trail of South Africa’s “greatest son” and to work towards being a greater “us” in 2014.

-The Language Learning Institute

Sherez Mohamed


What Our Students Are Saying

“Just got tested by Latvia’s French Cultural Ctr., where I plan to take 60 hrs of French in 3 weeks in January; could not pass up the quality and/or the price. I got credit for a semester’s worth of class work from our classes this past year and shall get a certificate of accomplishment after the intensive course here. This, to let you know that your work in the States is appreciated.”

— Maija Collins (Delmar, NY)

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