The Wonderfully Amazing Brain…Did you know???

The brain has likely been one of the most under-appreciated organs in our body. In the past, we have heard about the effects of stroke, traumatic brain injury, and emotional trauma and the havoc all of this can play on the brain.

Similarly, we have heard about heart health andliver health, healthy digestion, pancreatic health, and how to bulk up our immune system against various cancers and other dreaded diseases. However, little has been written about the brain–its health or its power.

I am totally intrigued by the brain. I believe that the brain is wonderfully amazing, and it is finally getting some good press. Just like our muscles, we need to flex our brain. It loves to be used…ALL OF IT! From the birth of, to Sudoku, to crossword puzzles, to, yes, learning a foreign language, we are hearing the benefits of exercising this allimportant and powerful organ.

In 2013, the seeds to The Healthy Brain Initiative were planted:

And in 2014, the Healthy Brian Initiative was formed and published for the first time:

Check out this collection of 10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Brain:

In our various publications to come (newsletter, blog, Facebook, Twitter, and possibly, Linked-In posts), you will be hearing more about this wonderful organ and what the experts are finally discovering! There is some amazing work being done, and I will be bringing it to light throughout the following months.


Nancy Scarselletta

What Our Students Are Saying

“Just got tested by Latvia’s French Cultural Ctr., where I plan to take 60 hrs of French in 3 weeks in January; could not pass up the quality and/or the price. I got credit for a semester’s worth of class work from our classes this past year and shall get a certificate of accomplishment after the intensive course here. This, to let you know that your work in the States is appreciated.”

— Maija Collins (Delmar, NY)

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