Warm Wishes for A Thankful Spirit and Opportunities for Growth

Everyone at the Language Learning Institute would like to extend warm wishes for a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving. As an educational institute, we are confident that you will enjoy using this post as an opportunity to self-educate and grow; and that you will use the information to make your part of the world a better place.

Knowledge is power!

This traditional day of giving thanks is even more poignant during this time of COVID, and it is an interesting parallel to the original Thanksgiving in 1621.  At that time, pilgrims and Indigenous peoples were celebrating not only their harvest,  but their very survival.  It was a brief period of time demonstrating the power of different peoples cooperating to achieve a better condition for both.

Our history has too many examples of when this was not the case. In a number of ways, this lack of cooperation continues to this day.  We at the Language Learning Institute strive to be a small part of the solution by encouraging the study of other cultures in order to bring mutual understanding. This is the first step towards a shared culture that values all of its members equally.

Not all of the stories we hear and read about that first Thanksgiving are based on facts. Both Pilgrims and Indigenous peoples were struggling to survive and their cooperation did not last long.  (See Smithsonian Magazine: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/thanksgiving-myth-and-what-we-should-be-teaching-kids-180973655/)

In spite of these historic details, Thanksgiving has evolved into a national day of giving thanks for things we cherish.  However you celebrate this day, we invite you to view the full story of Thanksgiving as broadcasted by PBS in an episode of the “American Experience” series. It was first aired in 2015 and can be viewed at this link: https://www.pbs.org/video/american-experience-pilgrims/ 

Have a happy and safe day!

What Our Students Are Saying

“Travelling with the Language Learning Institute is a wonderful experience! The groups are small, there is a lot of variety, and the trips are flexible enough that you can break away and do your own thing for a while if you want. I have never really wanted to do that, though, because the planned activities are so interesting. I have been on two trips on which I learned a lot about the different regions of France and even Belgium. The trip cost includes five or so sessions before the trip in which we learn about what we are going to experience and in which we learn a little of the language so that we can at least order in French. There is also a wine and cheese party in which we sample the products of the regions we are going to visit and in which we get to know our trip mates better. I would recommend the Learn French and Travel trips to anyone, but particularly for those who want to visit a country in a way that combines the security of a group with the flexibility to do your own thing!”

— Karen Watkins (Schenectady, NY)

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