What is the Language Learning Institute Financial Needs Fund –

– And why it is important to support it

At The Language Learning Institute, students pay for their instruction in increments of 10 to 12 hours. For most, this arrangement is affordable and easily accommodated within their budgets. However, some students find the cost challenging and are in need of assistance. The Language Learning Institute Financial Needs Fund is a special fund from which monies are drawn to defray the cost of tuition for these students. We are very happy to be able to assist those who otherwise would not be able to realize their dreams of studying and becoming proficient in another language.

The defrayed tuition is assistance and not a full payment and is given only for in–house study. Students who receive this financial support are serious about their studies and the importance of class attendance, and they do well!

Over the past 5 years that the Financial Needs Fund has been in existence, we have been able to defray the cost of tuition for children and adults in numerous instances. Among the students receiving support are those on fixed incomes, those with catastrophic illnesses and substantial medical bills, those wanting to improve their English grammar in order to be taken more seriously, and many children who stay with us long term. As we enter the fall and the new academic year, we have two more long-term students in need of assistance to continue their studies and plans for countless others.

The celebration of the Wold Tour of Food and Wine, on November 16th, is the opportunity to replenish our Financial Needs Fund. All net proceeds of the event allow us to continue to provide this level of support for good students in need of financial assistance.

What Our Students Are Saying

“The unique teaching method helped me to build vocabulary and grammar and to continue studying on my own. I speak French every day even if only a few minutes and to myself. I especially like the intensive oral approach. I have been able to get my message across when visiting French-speaking countries.”

— Bea A.

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