What to Expect as Europe Reopens

Europe to Reopen

Just when you thought you were doomed to a hermit’s life, the world begins to reopen! Of course, caution is still needed and ‘open’ does not mean pre-Covid norms.

Luís Araújo, president of the European Travel Commission, emphasized in a statement that safety and security are still priorities. He also said that travelers should check national tourism office websites for information about rules from country to country. Try the Re-Open E.U. app or Visit Europe website to start.

Expect that you will need to make advance reservations for popular tourist sites. That means that advance planning and research is an absolute must. For example, everyone visiting the Louvre must book a time slot for their visit, and all payments at the museum must be made with a credit card.

For more details that will help you plan a safe trip, check out the Washington Post’s article here.

Travelers will certainly navigate post-COVID Europe with more confidence if they learn a language such as French or Spanish. Imagine how much less time it will take to ask a stranger for directions while wearing a mask and standing a few feet away! Another huge bonus is that you will enjoy deeper travel experiences.

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What Our Students Are Saying

“I have been on three of Nancy’s Learn French and Travel programs. Prior to departure, Nancy offers introductory programs, where travelers become acquainted with each other and learn about the regions they will be touring. Before each tour, there is also a wine and cheese tasting where group members become acquainted with the wines and cheeses of the regions to be visited. Nancy’s tours visit buildings and places of historic interest as well as various museums. Nancy’s small groups enjoy comradery and good food. I have found Nancy’s tours to be both educational and enjoyable.”

— Virginia Camerman (Abany, NY)

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