Winter Olympics 2014: A Personal Reflection

I just love watching the Olympics! Winter or summer, I am there. This year I had the privilege of being able to catch a lot of the coverage since the school was closed for winter break, and my schedule was a bit saner.

First and foremost, I want to send well-deserved “kudos” to all involved. The accomplishments of this Olympics were amazing. As I reflect on the different events, I was struck by the strength, courage, and skill of the athletes. Snowboarders and skiers managed to navigate the changing weather and snow conditions while going 60 miles plus per hour in the same run. Our beautiful skaters, men and women, shared with the world their power, grace, and self-discipline, and the wonderful partnership of White and Davis elevated the stature of ice dancing.

As I read through the article we posted here, the number of volunteers was surprising to me. These people are the unsung heroes of the games–a very important and integral part of the inner workings of any event. Their importance should not be underestimated. They were the linguistic ties for the village: the linguistic liaisons that add to the joy and comfort of the Olympic Experience.

Nancy Scarselletta

What Our Students Are Saying

“Just got tested by Latvia’s French Cultural Ctr., where I plan to take 60 hrs of French in 3 weeks in January; could not pass up the quality and/or the price. I got credit for a semester’s worth of class work from our classes this past year and shall get a certificate of accomplishment after the intensive course here. This, to let you know that your work in the States is appreciated.”

— Maija Collins (Delmar, NY)

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