Business English

Clear interdepartmental and business to client communication is necessary for running any business;mis-communication can be very expensive.


Do you always understand what your employees are communicating to you?

Do they have a clear understand of  what is being said to them?

Do you have to email your client several times before there is a clear understanding of what is needed to move forward?

Are conversations, written and spoken, confusing and unclear?


Our Business English Division is created to address these issues. Our Beginning Course  of English Grammar will unravel the mysteries of the verb tenses and address pronouns. If you do not have a strong command of English Grammar this seminarwill shed light on the linguistic mysteries that can aid, and impede, effective communication is both written and spoken langauge.

Our Writing Effective Emails seminar includes grammar as it applies to effective email writing.

The following courses currently are being offered:

English Grammar

Effective Communication and Email Writing


These seminars can be delivered at your place of business where all can attend.