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The Hottest Job Skill Is…

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) by Annalyn Kurtz     This article first appeared on October 30th 2013 in CNN money The Army, NYPD and State Department can’t get enough workers with this job skill. Neither can Fortune 500 companies, hospitals, local courts and schools. What is it? Fluency in a foreign language. Translators and interpreters are…
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China 101 The Cuisine of China

By Alyson Slack Chinese food is popular around the globe, and understandably so—it’s delicious! China’s culinary heritage is an integral ingredient in the county’s varied and unique cultures. Eight major cooking traditions span the massive country, and they are as diverse as they are delectable. One of the more well-known traditions is Sichuan cuisine, from…
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For Protection Against Alzheimer’s and Dementia…Learn Another Language!

By Christina Hellendoorn-Cothren Many people today are dealing with more and more serious health conditions at home…at least for longer periods of time before other care is sought after. One of these conditions is Ahzheimer’s. A chronic and heart-breaking disease, it strikes many families in the core. Most often the afflicted person’s long term memories remain…
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The Value of Learning Mandarin Chinese

By Alyson Slack Why study Chinese, you ask? There are a number of compelling reasons to take up the challenge, whether your interest in China stems from a desire to travel, to advance your career, to connect with your ethnic heritage, or to immerse yourself in Chinese history, philosophy, and culture. We’re living in an…
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Why Early Second Language Learning is So Important

By Amelia Simsonson Here at the Language Learning Institute, we stress the importance of early language-learning with our courses designed for young children (our summer camp programs) and even babies (Mommy and Me Program). While many are aware of the importance of early language learning, few know the biological details to this early education. When…
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Language Development and Bilingualism: A Family Affair

By Nancy Scarselletta As humans, language is our connecting tool and once born, we begin our quest for connection. Traditionally, the United States has been known as a country of monolinguals; we were proudly a country where knowing and speaking another language was viewed as negative. This has left us culturally disadvantaged. In today’s global…
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What Our Students Are Saying

“I have been a student for nearly nine months at the time of this review. This is a fun and rewarding learning environment. I especially appreciate having a textbook and a workbook to aid in the learning process.”

— James Hall

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