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Embracing Cultural Diversity: Celebrating Independence Days Around The World

A country’s culture is like a colorful tapestry woven by its people, their behaviors, and the various elements that define their way of life. It’s a vibrant mix of delicious cuisine, captivating music, exciting events, and deeply-held values. But at the core of it all, language plays a crucial role in shaping cultures. Through language,…
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Quebec-NY Corridor News

SPECIAL EDITION JUNE 26, 2023 EDITORIAL “GOOD NEWS, BAD NEWS AT OUR BORDER” We have very good news to share! Our Canadian friends are back enjoying the North Country in large numbers, with estimates that Canadian visitation in our area is now as high as 90% of 2019 pre-pandemic levels! The resumption of visitation levels…
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Discover The Celebrations Of July Independence Day Around The World

July is a month filled with joy and pride in numerous countries across the globe. It’s a significant period dedicated to the celebration of independence, and July freedom holidays involve various activities. These mid-summer festivities allow people worldwide to embrace their distinctive national heritage and commemorate the importance of their nation’s freedom. Let’s explore a…
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What Is The Difference Between Studying, Acquiring, And Learning Another Language?

Have you ever wondered about the difference between learning, studying, and acquiring another language? Understanding these distinctions is crucial for setting realistic language learning goals and managing expectations. To understand the skills and time needed for each language learning goal, please refer to our previous blog post: Choosing Your Language Learning Goal However, this blog…
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How Do Babies Learn To Speak & Learn Two Languages At The Same Time?

As parents and teachers, we always want to learn more about how our kids grow and learn. We want our children to have the best start in life. Understanding how they develop and process information from birth to kindergarten can put our minds at ease. Language development is a fascinating process that sparks varied thoughts…
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What Are The Right Language Learning Goals For You?

Setting language-learning goals is crucial in determining whether you’ll succeed in your language-learning studies. Most post-school language learners share the same goal of being able to converse with a native speaker of the language they’re learning. Often, these learners feel this level of fluency is something they should be able to achieve in a few…
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What Is The Best Age For My Child To Start Learning A Second Language?

In the many years I’ve been teaching, the age-old question has been posed to me numerous times: “What is the best age for my child to begin learning a second language?” As a parent, you’re bombarded with so much information regarding how to handle the early months of your child’s life. You want them to…
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Age is Just a Number

Myth Debunked: Learn A Second Language at Any Age

You may have heard someone make the statement that it’s not easy for an adult to learn a second language. Although it’s true that children seem to have a propensity for language learning based, the fact is that they simply learn differently. The results of an MIT study revealed that many adult language learners past…
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Change Life

Change Your Life in FIVE Weeks: How Learning A Language Changes Your Life

Learning a language can change your life for the better in many incredible ways. The Language Learning Institute has designed highly effective five week courses that incrementally allow you to experience the following top four reasons: 1) You Will Gain More Self-Confidence The positive feedback you will get from others who encourage you as you…
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Reasons to Learn French When Visiting Canada

Now that Canada has opened its borders for post-COVID travel, you may be wondering if it’s worth it to learn French before you visit. After all, most provinces have an English-speaking majority. The answer is YES – it will definitely enhance your travel or moving plans! Here are our top three reasons why: Learning French…
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What Our Students Are Saying

“Travelling with the Language Learning Institute is a wonderful experience! The groups are small, there is a lot of variety, and the trips are flexible enough that you can break away and do your own thing for a while if you want. I have never really wanted to do that, though, because the planned activities are so interesting. I have been on two trips on which I learned a lot about the different regions of France and even Belgium. The trip cost includes five or so sessions before the trip in which we learn about what we are going to experience and in which we learn a little of the language so that we can at least order in French. There is also a wine and cheese party in which we sample the products of the regions we are going to visit and in which we get to know our trip mates better. I would recommend the Learn French and Travel trips to anyone, but particularly for those who want to visit a country in a way that combines the security of a group with the flexibility to do your own thing!”

— Karen Watkins (Schenectady, NY)

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