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Learn to Speak Spanish for Kids: Advanced Level

For Whom This Course Is Offered
This advanced Spanish course is for children ages 5 and up who are learning to converse in simple sentences. This course is ideal for those children who have completed Sessions 1, 2, and 3 of The Language Learning Institute's children's program or a similar level in another institution.

Current Schedule
Start Date: Not Scheduled

Duration: 6 weeks - 1 hour classes

Additional Information
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Course Description
Through the Spanish Language Class for Children - Advanced Level, students will e using and integrating the vocabulary they have learned in the past three sessions. The emphasis is on conversation and listening comprehension. Children will learn to converse with a Spanish speaker. Children who can speak Spanish in short sentences will enjoy this class.

Learn to Speak Spanish!

The class is ongoing and uses constantly greetings, numbers, body parts, seasons, weather, clothing, family members, and more. Songs, flashcards, stories, crafts, and games facilitate language acquisition, and the class environment encourages and fosters speaking in Spanish. Throughout the course students experience speech development in Spanish moving from isolated words to sentence fragments to short sentences. At the end of this level, spelling is introduced.

Course Fee: $250
Material Fee: TBD

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