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Continuing Advanced French Class – Level 4

For Whom This Course Is Offered

This course is for those who have completed Beginning French and Intermediate French Language Courses in their entirety, Advanced French Class Levels 1-5 and Continuing Advanced French Class Levels 1-3. This French class is ideal for those who wish to learn to speak French and have a good command of the basic, intermediate levels and beginning advanced levels of the French Language.

Current Schedule
Start Date: Not Scheduled

Duration: 10 Weeks

Additional Information
You can register for this language course on-line or call us 518-346-7096 to register by phone.

Registration for this language class is ongoing.

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Course Description
This French Language Course builds on what you learned either in Beginning French, Continuing Beginning French, Intermediate French, Continuing Intermediate French, Advanced French and Continuing Advanced French level one, two and three of our program or language courses at another language class. Learn to converse with a French speaker.

Learn to Speak French!

In this class, you will continue to build your conversational skills integrating verb tenses, object pronouns while expressing your own thoughts and opinions. Select readings and daily life themes will be stimulus for conversation. New grammar point is the formation and usage of the plus-que-parfait and conditional verb tenses.

Course Fee: $375
Material Fee: 155 + tax

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