Learn to Speak Mandarin Chinese Virtual Courses Taught by a Live Instructor

Mandarin Chinese for Kids: ages 6 through 10. This course of study is made up of 6 thematic units of song, games, activities, and crafts developed for reinforcement of what has been taught. Each unit builds on the previous unit. Speaking and listening comprehension are emphasized and speaking in short fragments building towards sentences is the goal.

Mandarin Chinese for Heritage Speakers: ages 6 through 10. This course of study is done completely in Mandarin Chinese. In this course, children are taught reading and writing. Being in class with other Mandarin Chinese-speaking children is fun. Songs, nursery rhymes, reading level appropriate books and interaction in Mandarin Chinese are the highlighted goals of this program.

Mandarin Chinese for Middle and High School Students: This course of study can take a student from greetings through the advanced levels of study. The first class is used to identify the needs and skills of the students and the ongoing curriculum is adjusted accordingly. Whether this course is being taken for enrichment or remediation, students have enjoyed studying in this program. Our levels follow the same pattern and criteria as listed in our Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Mandarin Chinese.

Beginning Mandarin Chinese: This course of study will take you from greetings to expressing thoughts in the present. Throughout the 24 lessons of study, communication in complete sentences with the correct pronunciation is the goal.

Intermediate Mandarin Chinese: This course affords thematic drills and practice, as well as the expansion of vocabulary and grammar themes, is paramount. In these 12 lessons of study, communication in complete sentences remains the goal. It is elevated with increased grammatical structures and the ability to apply Mandarin Chinese in practical situations.

Advanced Mandarin Chinese: This course of study continues to afford drills and practice of the Chinese language in practical settings. These 12 lessons of study of the language will allow for continued exposure, use, and study of the upper-level intricacies of the language such as the expression of doubt, uncertainty, and wishing.

Mandarin Chinese in Conversation: This course of study is conversational and is held completely in Mandarin Chinese. This course is for those who already speak the language and want to perfect their speech. Each unit of study is topical and easily lends itself to the conversation. Students taking this course will increase their conversation and listening comprehension skills. They will discuss activities in greater detail and depth. Reading and writing skills will be applied to reinforce the speaking skills.

Reading Pinyin and Perfecting Tones: This course is for those who want to effectively read Pinyin and need to perfect the tones and general pronunciation of the Chinese language. This course will help with listening comprehension and is ideal for those who wish to understand and be understood by the native Chinese speaker.

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What Our Students Are Saying

“The unique teaching method helped me to build vocabulary and grammar and to continue studying on my own. I speak French every day even if only a few minutes and to myself. I especially like the intensive oral approach. I have been able to get my message across when visiting French-speaking countries.”

— Bea A.

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