Learn Chinese Summer Camp for Kids: Latham and Colonie

We make language fun for kids with a summer camp experience designed to spark their imagination, familiarize them with China, and teach them Mandarin Chinese. Learn Chinese  Summer Program for Kids is for new experiences, adventures and making life-long memories.

The Language Learning Institute, known for its proprietary approach to helping students learn various languages, is pleased to offer a fun language “immersion” class to small groups, Summer Camps seeking an enrichment program for their campers, or other institutions seeking a unique program for kids of all ages.

We take kids on a tour of the Year of the Dragon, while immersing them into the Chinese language in fun, relevant, natural ways. As we navigate our way through world-renowned sites and cities, we simultaneously introduce campers to shapes, colors and numbers of every-day living in China. We become immersed in the Chinese culture as we explore the current Year of the Dragon, Chinese songs, games, crafts magnificent regions and spectacular sites.

A Fun Summer Program for Chinese Students or Chinese Enthusiasts

This is a fun, unique way of learning Chinese, and a fabulous way to spark the imagination of your students in a fun way that is worthy of a Summer Program experience.

This journey comes to life as students learn to speak and write in Chinese!

Imagine how fun it will be to share memories with friends and family with a memento from the Year of the Dragon in Chinese; they’ll feel like they were part of this fabulous celebration!

Appropriate for all ages as we will customize the “Virtual Tour” to the age of Summer Camp Attendees. This is a highly customized Summer Camp experience that your child will remember for many years to come.


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What Our Students Are Saying

“Just got tested by Latvia’s French Cultural Ctr., where I plan to take 60 hrs of French in 3 weeks in January; could not pass up the quality and/or the price. I got credit for a semester’s worth of class work from our classes this past year and shall get a certificate of accomplishment after the intensive course here. This, to let you know that your work in the States is appreciated.”

— Maija Collins (Delmar, NY)

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