Chinese Class for Saratoga Springs Kids at Geyser Road Elementary School

On Thursday,  December 8th, 2011, the Geyser Road Elementary students enthusiastically started their Chinese for Kids Program.  22 students are taking part in this pilot program.

Here is what parents (and kids) have to say about the program:

“The kids love it! … (Brett) seems to have a “good ear” when it comes to languages. My wife only speaks to them in German at home, working on French & Spanish too. Any adult Chinese course/program you like?”  – Paul

(Yes, Paul, we are offering a Mandarin Chinese program for adults starting in February 2012!)

“Kids had a great time first class”
“Sylvie loved it…..…..”
“Sarah loved the class and can’t wait for this week’s lesson.”
“Thomas enjoyed the class and seemed to do well in it.  I was able to sit in on the end of the class and I was impressed with
the teacher’s fluency!  Wonderful job by everyone!”
“Cameron enjoyed the class!”
“Jenna loves class again.”

What Our Students Are Saying

“Nancy is an outstanding teacher, I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with her!”

— Dawn Tonneau

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