French Class for Saratoga Springs Kids at Geyser Road Elementary School

On Monday, November 28th, 2011, in Saratoga Springs Central School District,  Geyser Road Elementary students completed their French for Kids Program enthusiastically wanting more classes. 14 children took part in this after school pilot program.

Here is what parents (and kids) have to say about this French language after school program:

“Sophia said she had a really good time, and she was speaking French for the rest of the night.”

“Jenna loved it. My husband picked her up so when I got home she said “Bonjour”, she counted to ten, and said a few other things. I took a few years of French so at least I can reinforce it some with her. We will definitely sign up again.”

“Judy loved the class! She has been talking about it since she got home.
Thanks for giving the children at Geyser an opportunity to take the class.
I also heard positive feedback at the PTO meeting tonight!”

“Sage seemed to like it! She particularly like the “Hello song.”

Here are some pictures of the class and Madame Manny

Next is Mandarin Chinese!

What Our Students Are Saying

“My daughter has been receiving private French lessons at the Language Learning Institute for about a year. Under the tutelage of director, Nancy Scarselletta, her listening, speaking, and writing skills have flourished and her confidence has grown immensely.”

— Michele Marie

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