Italian Class for Saratoga Springs Kids at Geyser Road Elementary School

On Wednesday,  January 19th, 2012, the Geyser Road Elementary students enthusiastically started their Italian for Kids Program.  20 students are taking part in this pilot program.

Here is what parents (and kids) have to say about the program:

“Adrianna loves it and she comes home singing songs that she teaches her little sister thank you soo much for putting a smile on her face.”
“Carys loves the class.  She sang the song she learned the first week, as soon as she got in the car, and she shares her words with us each week.”
“My son, Jack, really loves the class. He is starting to ask all sorts of questions about his heritage , and we are encouraging him to try some more recipes of my favorite dishes from my grandparents and exteded family.  Keep up the good work, I would love him to continue this as long as it is offered.  You may want to consider a cooking class at the end where they identify ingredients and then make a simple recipe, if you have a kitchen at the school that could be used.” We will definitely do the “cooking class” in our year-round program in your school.

“Eden loves the class!  I’m glad she has learned some colors and expressions. I do wish they had this all year round!” We will be! in the 2012-2013 school year!
“Maya seems very happy and is enjoying the class.  I think it’s “sticking” a little more than the Chinese — possibly because she recently studied Italy in Social Studies and possibly partly the familiarity of at least a similar alphabet!”
Next we will be offering Spanish!

What Our Students Are Saying

“I wanted to thank you for these classes. When you told Jennifer and I we were your first post-COVID students, I wanted to tell you that these classes have been a source of great joy and comfort for me in a really weird hard time and I am so grateful for you and them. It has given me something really interesting and fun to focus on and divert any feelings of life uncertainty as it takes real focus and work. But it is also super fun too and a life goal to learn another language.”

— Tara

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