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Frequently Asked Questions

-I will be traveling during 2 or 3 of the class days. How will I be able to take the course?

Each teacher has a special Language Learning Institute e-mail address for easy communication. When a student is absent from class, s/he can e-mail the teacher and acquire the assignment so that s/he can be prepared for the next class.

Additionally, you are now able to Skype into the class live from your remote location.

-If I miss a class, can I make it up?

Opportunity to make up a class is available; there is a $60 fee for a one hour private lesson. During this time, the teacher will go over the lesson’s work with you. OR for free, s/he can contact the teacher for the assignment so that they can be back on track with the class for the next class meeting.(no teacher assistance)

-What about weather? 

Since many of our classes are given in the evening, we do close during inclement weather. We usually follow the North Colonie Central School District’s pattern of closing. If weather should turn for the worst later in the day, students will be informed of our closing via our website or you can find The Language Learning Institute listed on the School Closing Networks (TV and Radio).

In any case, the class will be conducted virtually, and no class time will be lost.

-If the school closes for weather, does that mean we lose the class?

No. If the school closes for weather, we now bring the class to you in the comfort of your  home. All classes and private lessons are held virtually.

-If I sign up for a session and don’t attend, can I have a refund?

If  a student signs up for a session and realizes before the session begins that s/he can not make it, a full refund can be given up to 5 business days before the start of the session. After this time period, a one time 50% credit can be given towards another course. This money can not be applied towards private lessons.

-How do I obtain materials for the courses given at the Language Learning Institute?

Call our office at 518-346-7096 and we will advise you. We have the materials in stock, or on order, at The Language Learning Institute.

Frequently Asked Questions