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Intermediate French Language Course

For Whom This Course Is Offered

This course is for those who have completed the Beginning and Continuing Beginning French Language Programs or for those new to The Language Learning Institute who feel that they are at the designated levels. Please call if you are uncertain about your placement.

Current Schedule
This course has different levels

Duration: 4 Levels – 40 weeks

Additional Information
Please register for the course on-line and call the office information on materials fee and payment: 518-346-7096. Registration is taking place now.

Course Description
This course consists of 4 levels. In this course vocabulary from the eight levels of Beginning & Continuing Beginning French Language Courses will be reviewed and built upon. We will discover new verbs; work with object pronouns and develop more French grammar; correct usage will be emphasized. In all of our courses, speaking and listening comprehension is emphasized without sacrificing correct usage; reading and writing are used for re-enforcement.

Course Fee: TBA
Material Fee: 155 + tax

Please review our Refund Policy and additional registration information.