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On-Going Classes for Adults

Language Classes for AdultsLanguage classes for adults of all ages

The Language Learning Institute offers an array of language classes and courses for adults of all ages and language levels, from beginning to advanced levels. We are constantly updating and creating new language study opportunities for our adult population. We work very hard to bring you quality language classes relevant to real-life. So whether you are learning language as part of an academic plan, want to travel the world, learn a second language, or just learn a new language for fun. The Language Learning Institute delivers a wide variety of engaging language classes delivered by talented instructors who love what they do, and are trained in the methodology created by Nancy Scarselletta.

Languages for All Seasons

The Language Learning Institute offers French, Italian, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese classes year-round.

Most of our language courses run in sessions of 10 weeks, and consist of 10, 60, or 90 minute classes depending on age and course level.

Learn A New Language More Easily

Language Learning Institute uses a proprietary teaching method designed to help you learn a new language more naturally than you would from audio CD’s or language software programs because it is built on how your brain naturally processes language.

Group or Private Language Classes

Each course has its own textbook and workbook to follow the lesson plan created by Language Learning Institute. Additional support materials may be recommended to facilitate learning based on each student’s individual progress.

The Fun Doesn’t Have to Stop!

At the end of each 10 week language class, the program moves on to the next class so you don’t miss a beat. We simply continue on as you work your way through the entire program and you can easily advance on to the next level.

You can join one of the scheduled classes for the language you wish to learn, or register for private language classes based on your personal schedule.

View our current list of our scheduled French, Italian, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and English Grammar classes to the right.

If a class you are interested in does not appear in the class list, please contact us to discuss private lessons, group lessons, or to be notified when the schedule is updated.