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Classes for Kids and Teens

Language Classes for Kids of All Ages

At the Language Learning Institute, we offer a variety of language learning programs for children and young adults. Whether you would like to introduce your child to French, Italian, Mandarin Chinese or Spanish  at a young age,  further develop their skills, or improve academic performance in any of these languages, we have a language learning program just for them.

Unique Language Learning Method Makes Learning a Language Easy

Introducing children to a second language at a young age provides many linguistic and cognitive benefits to their growth and development. Additionally, it is invaluable in today’s global society for individuals to experience and gain appreciation for other cultures. The Language Learning Institute makes achieving these benefits and learning a language easy and fun by using a proprietary teaching method that introduces language in the same way that the brain naturally processes language.

We are constantly updating our programs and creating new language study opportunities for children and young adults.

Our engaging language classes for kids include:

  • Group Language Classes
  • Private Tutoring in French, Spanish, Italian and Mandarin Chinese
  • Summer Camp
  • Winter Break Camp
  • Private Group Study
  • Mommy and Me Classes
  • Private Classes for Toddlers

Your children can learn with us, or we can integrate our language classes into any school, summer school, after school or cultural program.

French, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin Chinese Classes & Private Lessons for Kids of All Ages

We are proud to offer an array of programs for children 5 and up, including, private lessons which can be scheduled at a mutually convenient time for the family and the teacher.

After School Language Study

The Language Learning Institute’s After School Programs are progressive and thematic. Listening comprehension and speaking are emphasized. Our Heritage Speaker and Advanced French, Italian, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese for Non-Native Speaker Classes are eventually conducted completely in French, Italian, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese and reading and writing is taught.