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Miscellaneous Thursday

3 Course Spanish Meal:


  1. Gazpacho:

This is a soup from the southern region of Spain that is served cold and is eaten as an appetizer. It is usually made using vegetables and tomato, but there are many different recipes. Try this one at home from the FoodNetwork:

2.   Paella:×300/public/image/recipes/ck/07/09/paella-valencia-ck-1654636-x.jpg?itok=paacTwPS

This is a dish that originates from Valencia. It traditionally includes rice and seafood, but it can vary in many ways. This delicious dish is fabulous in costal towns with fresh seafood, but you can try it at home as well with this recipe from the Food Network:


3.   Flan

This dessert is very popular in Spain and many other European countries. There are many ways to prepare this sweet custardy dessert, try out this one for Spanish flan from All Recipes:

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