Office Space Rental at 3 Lear Jet Lane, Latham, NY

You are rquirei  ContNeed a Space to  Meet with Colleagues?

Host Your Next Meeting or Event in Style at Our Premier Office Space! Enjoy Flexible Hourly Rental Options, Modern Amenities, and an Ideal Location to Make Your Gathering a Success!

For a modest rental fee, you will enjoy the usage of the reception area, large conference room, small conference room, and break room.


Impressively, welcome your guests and get ready for your event in the Reception Area of the space.

Conference Room

The large conference table in the Conference Room seats 7 to 8 people (and more, depending on the usage of the space). This room has a Smart Board which can hook up to your computer and is equipped with a HDMI cable. Additionally, there is a computer table and podium for your presentation convenience and comfort.

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Small Conference Room 

The Small Conference Room is equipped with a TV monitor which hooks up to your computer. All cables are provided. Additionally, there is a white board with erasable markers and a small table upon which you can put your materials. This table seats 4 and can be used as a breakout room or a room for an additional guest speaker.





There are 16 chairs for your use and coat hooks for your comfort.

The space is kept at a comfortable 72 degrees..

The Break Room is equipped with a Refrigerator, Microwave, sink with running water, cleaning products, and paper towels. The table can be moved to the center of the room and is equipped with two chairs. Food and drink is provided by you, should you decide to serve your guests.


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***Interested in a long term sublet? Contact Nancy Scarselletta at 518-346-7096.***                                                                                                                 

Here is Some Pertinent Information

Rental Fee:  $75.00 per hour (2 hour minimum)

$450 max per 8 hr. day

Rental Period is from first arrival to last departure after cleanup

Security Deposit: $270.00

Payment (including security deposit) is due on signing of the contract.  Payment is by secure bank transfer on the electronic invoice or a check made payable to The Language Learning Institute.

A Certificate of Insurance which names The Language Learning Institute as additional insured is required.

  • $1,000, 000  Liability – per occurrence

  • $2,000,000   Liability – aggregate.

  • $1,000,000   Fire legal liability(aka Damage to premises)

  • $5,000            Medical expense

  • $2,000,000  General aggregate

  • $2,000,000  Product/completed operations aggregate

Don’t have insurance?

No worries. Get a One-Day (short-term) policy. For information and coverage, contact The Bradley Agency – Bernadette Fuller – 518-452-2736

Need a Rental Application? Click here – Rental Application

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***Interested in a long term sublet? Contact Nancy Scarselletta at 518-346-7096.***

The Application Process:

-You email the completed Application to KEN@ LANGUAGELEARNINGINSTITUTE.COM
-We confirm that the time slot is available
-We send back to you a completed Contract requesting  Proof of Insurance and Signature of the Contract
-Email all documents to  [email protected]
-You will receive and invoice requesting payment.




What Our Students Are Saying

“Planning a visit to Quebec province, I decided to attend a set of adult evening classes given by Nancy Scarselletta at a local high school. Her enthusiasm for, and knowledge of, the French language prompted me to sign up for further individual lessons. Over the last two years, I have come to appreciate Nancy’s vast experience –and infinite patience! — in teaching French with her unique emphasis on phonetics which she studied at the Sorbonne. In my opinion, French is not an easy language for English speakers given its unusual rules with multiple exceptions, potential liaisons, numerous irregular verbs, unfamiliar phonics, and plentiful idioms. I’ve appreciated Nancy’s approach and guidance throughout the course. And it’s been fun.”

— Richard Harlow