Language Learning Institute Set To Celebrate Bastille Day In Schenectady On July 11

ALBANY, NY – In keeping with years of tradition, the Language Learning Institute will hold a Bastille Day celebration on Pedestrian Jay Street Saturday afternoon.

“We want to encourage people to celebrate the freedom of language,” said Nancy Scarselletta, the school’s founder. Last week we celebrated America’s freedom on July 4. This weekend we want to celebrate the birth of democracy in France.”

Scarselletta noted that the French Revolution, which was inspired by our own independence, helped the French people seek their rights under the rule of law. Bastille Day is one of the most important national holidayholidays in France and commemorates the July 14, 1789 storming of the Bastille prison in Paris.

The Fourth Annual Language Learning Institute Bastille Day Celebration will run from 1 to 9 p.m. During the day there will be carnival games and Bastille Day craft activities that will benefit the Language Learning Institute Scholarship fund. Scarselletta says the institute hopes to raise $10,000 in scholarship monies this year.

“When you help people children learn a language, you allow them to open up their minds,” Scarselletta said. “They get to understand new ways to relate to the world. You give them the ability to communicate and take part in the Global Village. We also offer scholarships for people who need to learn English as a second language in order to integrate into our community and live the American Dream.”

There will also be a Bastille Day parade at 5pm starting at Jay and State Street led by Grammy nominated Captain Squeeze and the Zydeco Moshers, who will perform from 6 to 8 p.m. The event will also include a wine tasting, snow cones, Pizzazz tThe Clown, flag and fire twirling, and a magician, and an historian who will inform us of the French influence in our region.

“We invite everyone to come down and say, ‘Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité!'” said Scarselletta. “Bastille Day is a wonderful example of how America has helped inspire freedom and equality across the globe!”

Since 2005, the Language Learning Institute has been helping children and adults interested in learning French. By 2006, Italian language classes became available as well. Since then the Institute has helped children learn French and Italian as second languages while also helping adults who need language skills for personal enjoyment, travel or business purposes. The Institute also offers a program for heritage speakers of French.

Scarselletta holds an MA from Middlebury College, has been teaching for more than 20 years and continues to strive to offer the best French and Italian curriculum possible.

What Our Students Are Saying

“I wanted to thank you for these classes. When you told Jennifer and I we were your first post-COVID students, I wanted to tell you that these classes have been a source of great joy and comfort for me in a really weird hard time and I am so grateful for you and them. It has given me something really interesting and fun to focus on and divert any feelings of life uncertainty as it takes real focus and work. But it is also super fun too and a life goal to learn another language.”

— Tara

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