Do you want to learn French or Spanish but cannot seem to put language classes into your schedule? The Language Learning institute has a solution for you! Our Self-Study program is like no other self-study product on the market.

By the end of our lessons, you will be able to confidently participate in an introductory conversation with a native or near-native speaker ….. listen to what is being said to you and hear familiar words! You will also understand some of the very rudimentary cultural and linguistic nuances of the given material that will endear you to the native speaker.  Undecided?  Then try one of our FREE mini lessons

A Program Just for You

Join us for interactive, pause-free instructional videos that will have you speaking in complete sentences in no time! Our self-check quizzes coupled with limitless replays reinforce what you have learned, lets you know how you are doing, and helps you build confidence!

Each lesson consists of 18 modules along with an introductory video giving tips to help you get the most out of your self-study with us. These modules are set up for a 4-week study period.


Special Features to The Language Learning Institute Self-study Programs

  • Self-Paced
    YOU control your pace! Self-evaluation Quizzes for which only you see the results!
  • Unlimited Replays
    Play and Re-play the lesson as much as you want until you are comfortable with the material
  • Pause Free Videos
    The teacher will give you an opportunity to speak before him/her; then a confirmation response will be given. NO need to keep pausing!
  • Live Instructionavailable as an add-on 

Learn With Us and Develop Your French or Spanish Conversation Super Powers!

  • Confidently Engage
  • Actively Participate
  • Listen And Not Freak Out
  • Hear What Is Being Said
  • Understand And Be Understood
  • Be Culturally Aware

French  Spanish


Our Self-Study Instructors:

Nancy Scarselletta

Nancy Scarselletta is the Founder and Director of the Language Learning Institute. A New York State certified teacher, Nancy has used her experiences through practice and research to develop an original and innovative “Method of Second Language Teaching.” Her staff is trained in this successful method to enhance the experience of all their students. Nancy uses her extensive training and continuing education to constantly improve the experience of her students.

Nancy is currently teaching French and Spanish.


Agustina Boccaloni joined The Language Learning Institute in July 2021 where she was trained in the Institute’s methodology of teaching Spanish as a second language. She was born and educated in Argentina where she currently resides. In addition to being native of Spanish, she also speaks English, French and Italian. Throughout her years of experience as a Spanish teacher for foreign students, she has worked with people of all ages, levels, and nationalities. Apart from being a Spanish teacher, she helps the Institute develop materials for the Spanish courses.

Having a perfect score academically throughout her studies, Agustina has a passion for education, language acquisition and cultural exchange. Besides teaching, she is studying Airport Management at the Universidad Provincial de Ezeiza. In addition, Agustina studied English at the Liverpool School of English in England and taught the language to children and adults in Argentina

Sandra Perin was born in Croatia, where she started learning French at the age of 9. She attended bilingual French high school, before moving to Paris in 1998 to study Human Resources and International Trade at Sorbonne University. Passionate with French language and culture, she lived in Paris for 22 years and worked as an HR Consultant. Before joining the Language Learning Institute, she was teaching French to her family and friends, both adults and children.

What Our Students Are Saying

“The unique teaching method helped me to build vocabulary and grammar and to continue studying on my own. I speak French every day even if only a few minutes and to myself. I especially like the intensive oral approach. I have been able to get my message across when visiting French-speaking countries.”

— Bea A.

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