Spanish Self-Study

Do you wish to learn Spanish but cannot seem to fit Spanish classes into your schedule? The Language Learning institute has a solution for you! Our Spanish Self-Study program is like no other self-study product on the market.

When you complete your lessons, you will be able to confidently participate in an introductory conversation with a native or near-native speaker … listen to what is being said to you and hear familiar words! You will also understand some of the very rudimentary cultural and linguistic nuances of the given material that will endear you to the native speaker.



Beginning Spanish Preliminary Unit Bundle 

Includes and can be purchased separately –          Lesson 1    Lesson 2     Lesson 3

Beginning Spanish Unit 1 Bundle

Includes and can be purchased separately –         Lesson 4    Lesson 5    Lesson 6

Beginning Spanish Unit 2 Bundle

Includes and can be purchased separately-           Lesson 7    Lesson 8    Lesson 9

Beginning Spanish Unit 3 Bundle

Includes and can be purchased separately –        Lesson 10   Lesson 11   Lesson 12

Beginning Spanish Unit 4 Bundle

Includes and can be purchased separately –       Lesson 13   Lesson 14   Lesson 15

Beginning  Spanish Unit 5 Bundle

Includes and can be purchased separately –       Lesson 16   Lesson 17   Lesson 18


Join us for interactive, pause-free instructional videos that will have you speaking in complete sentences in no time! Our self-check quizzes coupled with limitless replays  enforces what you have learned, lets you know how you are doing, and helps you build confidence.

Each lesson consists of 18 modules along with an introductory video giving tips to help you get the most out of your self-study with us. These modules are set up for a 4-week study period.

You can register for On-Demand courses any time and receive your lessons right away as we do not set the date of release. If you want to buy an entire unit (3 courses!) you will receive a discount.

On top of that, you can choose to add on private classes with a teacher at checkout for each course taken.



YOU control your pace! Self-evaluation Quizzes for which only you see the results!

***Unlimited Replays

Play and Re-play the lesson as much as you want until you are comfortable with the material

***Pause Free Videos

The teacher will give you an opportunity to speak before him/her; then a confirmation response will be given. NO need to keep pausing!

***Live Instruction – (optional)



Confidently  Engage

Actively Participate

Listen and Not Freak Out

Hear What is Being Said

Understand and be Be Understood

Be Culturally Aware



What Our Students Are Saying

“Travelling with the Language Learning Institute is a wonderful experience! The groups are small, there is a lot of variety, and the trips are flexible enough that you can break away and do your own thing for a while if you want. I have never really wanted to do that, though, because the planned activities are so interesting. I have been on two trips on which I learned a lot about the different regions of France and even Belgium. The trip cost includes five or so sessions before the trip in which we learn about what we are going to experience and in which we learn a little of the language so that we can at least order in French. There is also a wine and cheese party in which we sample the products of the regions we are going to visit and in which we get to know our trip mates better. I would recommend the Learn French and Travel trips to anyone, but particularly for those who want to visit a country in a way that combines the security of a group with the flexibility to do your own thing!”

— Karen Watkins (Schenectady, NY)

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